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Maria Panagaina, Learning Advisor 

I reached out to Fay at a moment in my life when I was very unhappy at work and needed to change careers. I've been looking at different options for the past years, without managing to find the best thing for me. We worked with Fay for over 8 months, she was always methodic and patient, trying to help me build my awareness and confidence I needed to switch careers. After a couple of months, I started feeling more organized having clear job scenarios that I could follow. Almost 1 year after our first session, I am now in a position that I love, in a sector that I am very passionate about, waking up every morning feeling grateful. Fay was always very supportive and empathetic, I would definitely recommend reaching out to her when you feel you need guidance about your next professional or any other step in life.

Ilya, Compliance Professional

My sessions with Fay helped me navigate a lot of doubts and stress that I had about myself and which direction I was going with my career and my life in general. It helped me gain a better perspective on my options and easing the feeling of being overwhelmed with the choices that I can make. It was a journey of self discovery and a continuous one. Her coaching started me off with getting to know myself better, my personality and then arming me with the tools that I needed to continuously strive towards my goals. 

Amelie, Lawyer

I started my sessions with Fay at a time when I was at crossroads in my life – I had just finished my MSc and wanted to leave my country. I was clear on my career path, but I had no clue if I was making the right decision as I was trying to consider all possible scenarios and this really stressed me out. That’s when I decided to get in touch with Fay. Fortunately, she had lots of experience in immigration issues and knew how to guide me step by step in this decision by giving me not only practical suggestions, but also thoughtful insights for me as a person. She made me feel less anxious about the future and a lot more supported during this time of dramatic change in my life. It was an invaluable journey and I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough.

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