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About me

Certified Life & Career Coach

Fay Vardakoulia, Life Coach

I am Fay Vardakoulia and I live in the Netherlands.
My story begins with my decision to study Human Psychology. As someone who had always strong feelings of empathy, the decision felt right for me. I graduated from the University of Athens and decided to pursue further post graduate studies in the Netherlands where I attained a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology at Maastricht University. Although I love the study of Psychology, I hadn’t found my true calling yet! Not until I discovered a self-help book all about life coaching. I was instantly taken by the book, and the way it could change lives, and I realized that I had found my passion. I sought training at the Life Coach Training Institute (LCTI) where I was able to acquire the knowledge and skills that have helped me to set up my dream job, helping people and having a positive impact on the world. Now I help expatriate men and women in the Netherlands who wish to transform their personal or professional lives. I specialize in guiding people to identify and achieve their goals while coping with issues that cause anxiety and distress. I take great pride in the progress and successes of my clients and look forward to seeing each person that I work with succeed. Get in touch to learn more. Start living the life you want, now!

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